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MONEY christmas set [Rich memo pad]

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  • Materialpaper
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  • Unit Price 6000 KRW
    (6.0 USD)
  • Minimum Order Quantity 10
  • Shipping CompanyOthers
  • Payment Card


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

The image of a wad of money symbolizes “Becoming Rich”

Unlike actual denominations, this note pad carries only the image of money.

The center region is imprinted so blurred that it can be clearly written.

The pad is a wad of ordinary memo pad bound at one side it is not made of sticky memo.

Have you still cherished a train of old memories that seem to have been kept deep in the drawer with a layer of dust? With a concept of “Design your story,” Magnum Design is developing emotional designs for products that provide users with opportunities to take out one old precious memory after another and strike up a conversation with it. The company is seeking for designs that do not simply embody a set of functions, but carry stories through which you can share and deliver your feelings.

We are quite sure you can get the real good business with 'Mini at' series from Korea. 

Looking forward to hearing your favorable news soonest.

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상품등록 이미지 - MONEY-크리스마스 선물 1 영-1.jpg

상품등록 이미지 - MONEY-크리스마스 선물 1 영-2.jpg

상품등록 이미지 - MONEY-크리스마스 선물 1 영-33.jpg

상품등록 이미지 - MONEY-크리스마스 선물 1 영-4.jpg

상품등록 이미지 - zzzz.jpg